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Publications #

Learning Helm #

Learning Helm cover

Get up to speed with Helm, the preeminent package manager for the Kubernetes container orchestration system. This practical guide shows you how to efficiently create, install, and manage the applications running inside your containers. Helm maintainers Matt Butcher, Matt Farina, and Josh Dolitsky explain how this package manager fits into the Kubernetes ecosystem and give you an inside look at Helm’s design and best practices.

For more information see O’Reilly or buy on Amazon.

Go in Practice #

Go in Practice cover

Go in Practice is a cookbook style book of patterns for Go development. It has over 70 techniques covering a wide variety of topics from microservices and web services to debugging and error handling.

Most of the chapters contain topic introductions followed by a series of recipe like techniques. Each technique shares a recipe for solving a problem with a discussion on the problem and solution.

For more information see Manning Publications or buy on Amazon.

Drupal 7 Module Development #

Drupal 7 Module Development cover

Drupal 7 Module Development is a book about writing modules for Drupal 7. It covers elements of Drupal including the theme system, entities, fields, install profiles, security, the database abstraction layer, JavaScript, and more. This was a book I co-wrote with Matt Butcher, Larry Garfield, John Albin Wilkins, Ken Rickard, and Greg Dunlap.

For more information see Packt Publishing or buy on Amazon.

Big Performance Wins On The Front End #

Drupal Watchdog cover

In the Mobile Drupal issue of the Drupal Watchdog magazine (Issue 2, Volume 1) I wrote an article titled “Big Performance Wins On The Front End”. Front end performance (a.k.a. WPO) is one of my interests. In this article I look at the performance picture when it comes to websites and touch on some low barrier to entry tips websites can implement.

For more information see the Drupal Watchdog.